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Juknokwon: Damyang’s Bamboo Park

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word bamboo? I immediately think of pandas! The Bamboo Park or Juknokwon (죽녹원) in Damyang (담양) certainly has pandas but not the playful and cuddly kind, although these children might disagree. Damyang’s Bamboo Park or Juknokwon (죽녹원) is also known as the Juknokwon Bamboo […]

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Colors of Korea: Green

Before coming to South Korea, I had this idea of a country filled with skyscrapers and streets jammed with cars. With over 50 million people sharing approximately 100,000 square kilometers, land is at a premium and green was far from the color I would use to describe the country. But having lived here and traveled […]

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