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Ulleungdo and Dokdo Trip

In Korea, there is one place that people passionately talk about and that is Dokdo (독도). Though as much as Koreans talk and think about it, not many have actually been there. It is a place that I wanted to see for myself and so when I had an opportunity to go, I went. As […]

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Shortcut to Seommok

A road or pathway along the coast between Jeodong Harbor (저동항) and Seommok (섬목) has not been constructed yet. So the fastest way to get to Seommok with a car is to ride a ferry, which we did. The story behind the Three Angels Rocks/Samseonam (삼선암): Samseonam, Wishes of Three Nymphs Yearning for Heaven Samseonam […]

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Haengnam Shore Walkway

From the Ulleungdo Ferry Terminal (울릉도 여객선 터미널) in Dodong Harbor (도동항), you can go on the Haengnam Shore Walkway (행남 해안 산책로). Facing the terminal, turn right and just walk along the coast. For more information, check out this page by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). And for more details about this trip, please […]

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