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You Are A Writer

Yes I am. And so are you. As Steven Pressfield says, “Screw what everyone else says. You are when you say you are.” Over the past two years, I’ve been struggling to share my work. Back in 2010, I embarked on a 365 project by taking one photograph each day. I succeeded in taking at […]

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Talking Architect

Back when I was contemplating my future, I thought of being an architect. Unfortunately, the university I chose to attend did not have an architectural program. I may not have formally studied architecture, but I’ll forever be a student and an admirer of it. So when the Seoul City Blog wrote about a Korean independent […]

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I love using Instagram. A few weeks ago I stumbled on StickyGram, a company that turns your Instagram photos into magnets. The best part about their service is free shipping anywhere in the world! I picked 18 of my favorite Instagram photos and ordered 2 packs. It only took 9 days to get here. The […]

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