My Korean Name

Here in Korea, people often assume I’m Korean. When I say that I’m not, I’m asked if I’m sure, which I find flattering.

I’m Filipino-Chinese. At birth, I was given two names: an English name (Johanne) and a Chinese name (徐婉玲/Xu Wan Ling). Both names were meticulously picked by my mother.

Here in Korea, most of my friends call me Jo/조. Though some people would get confused since that is also a last name here in Korea. So some of my Korean friends call me Joen/조엔, which is how Johanne is pronounced.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a real Korean name. Last month, Advanced Technology Korea released a new app called “Create Your Korean Name” on Facebook.

I tried it out, excited what my Korean name could be!

While my name and profile were being pulled from my Facebook account, I was given a quick introduction to the Korean language and Korean names.

In the first step, I was given a choice between Korean Names or Authentic Korean Names.

I chose Authentic Korean Names and clicked onto the next step where I was given choices for different name meanings.

I chose ‘Strong’ and got the name 폴잎 (Pur Yip).

Next, I was presented with my full Korean name, 명풀잎 (Myung Pur Yip).

I love the meaning of the name but I think it’s hard for me to remember so I went back to step 2 and chose a different meaning. I went for “Good Sound” this time and got several options.

I picked the one that’s closest to my name, 조은 (Jo Eun).

I clicked on the final step and I was presented with a business card with my names and picture.

The card itself is even downloadable for you to print!

It was so much fun using this app and finding my authentic Korean name!

Try it out yourself and please share with me below what name you get! You can do it through the Facebook app or on the website.