DSME Marine Robot Pavilion

The DSME Marine Robot Pavilion is the largest single pavilion at the Yeosu Expo. It was built by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd (DSME) which is the second largest shipbuilder in the world.

DSME Marine Robot Pavilion Yeosu

"A story of marine robots as our partners."

This pavilion focuses on robots, from how they are made to what they can do now and in the future. It is divided into three zones: Zone 1 (Entrance and Robot Cargo), Zone 2 (Robot Soccer and Robot Lab), and Zone 3 (Deep Sea).

DSME Marine Robot Pavilion Layout

DSME Marine Robot Pavilion Layout (Source: http://eng.expo2012.kr/)

At the entrance, plastic model parts of a robot are displayed on the walls and ceiling. Then as you enter the Robot Cargo area, you’re greeted by a beautiful robot that is similar to what you would see as greeters outside establishments nowadays.

Beautiful Robot

Meet EveR 4

EveR stands for “Eve” and “Robot”. Korea Institute of Industrial Technology started making EveR robots in 2005. The current model, EveR 4, has 30 motors (muscles) on its face that enables it to make expressions like humans.

The pavilion features robots that can dance to Michael Jackson songs, talk like humans, work underwater in the future, and many more.

Michael Jackson Dancing Robot

Talking Robots

Underwater Robot

The most memorable robots for me are the ones that can dance to Kpop songs.

Kpop Dancing Robots

Here’s a video of them dancing:

If you’re going to the Yeosu Expo, I highly recommend checking out this pavilion. For more information, check out the expo website.

Which robot intrigued you?

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