Big-O Yeosu

Big-O is the symbolic landmark of the Yeosu Expo. The O stands for Ocean which is the main theme of the Expo. Or as my husband likes to say, “that’s the shape your mouth makes as your jaw drops from watching this massive fountain.”

Big-O Yeosu

During the day, it is the backdrop for fountain shows and cultural performances. Then it comes alive at night with its 360° water canons, flame generators, mist nozzles, lights, lasers, projectors, and the biggest and highest water curtain in the world (45m height).

Big-O and Theme Pavilion

Big-O complemented by the Theme Pavilion.

Big-O Yeosu

A girl entering the ocean world.

Big-O Yeosu

Flames from the Big-O.

Here’s a video of one of the morning fountain shows and some highlights of the evening’s Big-O Show:


If you’re going to the Yeosu Expo, the Big-O Show is something you cannot miss. For me, it was the highlight of the trip.

For more information, go to the Expo website or call the Expo hotline, 1577-2012. Here’s the list and schedule of Kpop performances scheduled before some of the Big-O Shows. If you want great views, make sure you’re at the venue at least an hour before any of the shows start.

What do you think of the Big-O?