I love using Instagram. A few weeks ago I stumbled on StickyGram, a company that turns your Instagram photos into magnets. The best part about their service is free shipping anywhere in the world!

I picked 18 of my favorite Instagram photos and ordered 2 packs. It only took 9 days to get here.

My first StickyGram order! Note how I concealed my address with light reflection. ;)

2 x 9 StickyGram magnets

Matte finish

Each StickyGram magnet is the same size as what you see on your Instagram feed.

사랑해요 = I love you (a message I placed on the door for my husband)

The only magnetic thing in our apartment is our main door so now I get to see my Instagram pictures whenever I go out. It brings back great memories and inspires me to take more pictures! I’ll definitely be ordering more StickyGram magnets soon.

If you use Instagram, please post your username in the comments below. I would love to see your pictures and share with you mine. (My username: NyxNalia)