Shortcut to Seommok

A road or pathway along the coast between Jeodong Harbor (저동항) and Seommok (섬목) has not been constructed yet. So the fastest way to get to Seommok with a car is to ride a ferry, which we did.

Jeodong Harbor

All Aboard!

Beautiful cliffs!

Bird watching on the ferry.

Trees seemingly falling off the cliff near the Gwanseon Tunnel (관선터널) at Seommok.

Once you go through the tunnel, you'll see the bridge to Gwaneumdo Island (관음도).

And to the left, you'll see the Three Angels Rocks (삼선암).

The story behind the Three Angels Rocks/Samseonam (삼선암):

Samseonam, Wishes of Three Nymphs Yearning for Heaven

Samseonam consists of three rocks standing in front of Buk-myeon’s Seokpo waters, one of the three Ulleung spectacles. As legend goes, three nymphs who took a fancy for Ulleungdo’s fantastic landscape missed their chance to return to the heaven, offending Okhwangsangje (the Supreme Being) and turning into rocks. The smallest rock or the youngest and laziest nymph, in particular, offended the Supreme Being such that not even a plant was believed to grow on it. Samseonam offers a particularly beautiful view, one of the most favored places among Ulleungdo’s three most famous seaside views.

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