Haengnam Shore Walkway

From the Ulleungdo Ferry Terminal (울릉도 여객선 터미널) in Dodong Harbor (도동항), you can go on the Haengnam Shore Walkway (행남 해안 산책로). Facing the terminal, turn right and just walk along the coast.

A lone tree by a cliff behind the terminal.

Pathway carved through the cliffs.

Too early to dive.

Plenty of places to sit down and enjoy the coast with friends and refreshments.

No danger of being blown out to sea.

Rocky, jagged, and beautiful!

Not a sunset but a sunrise!

Since the Haengnam coast faces the East, it is best to do the walk in the morning.

One of the few buildings by the walkway. The path along the coast also stops here.

A bamboo canopy along the path towards Dodong Lighthouse (도동등대).

Magnificent view of Jeodong Harbor (저동항) from Dodong Lighthouse.

Spiral staircase to get to the walkway leading to Jeodong Harbor.

Candlestick Rock (촛대암) at Jeodong Harbor.

From the harbor, we were taken to this hill that overlooks the coast.

Naesujeon (내수전) Observation Deck where you can see Bukjeobawi (북저바위) and other islets.

For more information, check out this page by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). And for more details about this trip, please check out this post.

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  1. Wow, great photos! It’s so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Justin! :)

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