Ferry Rides on the East Sea

There are two ferry terminals where you can catch ferries to Ulleungdo (울릉도) and back. One is in Pohang (포항) and the other is in Mukho (묵호). On our trip, we took the ferry from Mukho.

Mukho Ferry Terminal

Our ferry for the day.

From Mukho Ferry Terminal to Ulleungdo Ferry Terminal in Dodong Harbor (도동항), the distance is 161 kilometers and takes about 3 hours and 15 minutes. I would highly recommend purchasing Business Class (우등실) tickets which are more than ₩50,000 one way. You can be on the second floor of the boat and if you don’t want to be by the window, you can have a table for 6.

Business Class seats

For those who do want to get a great view, get seats on the left side of the boat. You can have a great view of Ulleungdo.

Beautiful Ulleungdo

Wherever you are on the boat, you can certainly appreciate being on the East Sea. It is a body of water with many names for different people.

Contemplating the East Sea

Though the same ferry takes passengers to Dokdo (독도), everyone must get off the boat once on Ulleungdo.

Getting off the ferry.

We had about 40 minutes to get off the boat, check in at our motel, leave our bags, grab lunch, and line up again for the ferry ride to Dokdo. The distance between Ulleungdo and Dokdo is 87.4 kilometers and ferry rides take about 2 hours each way.

There’s always a crush to get off the ferry on all the rides. The most important to line up for is at Dokdo.

Everyone's eager to get on Dokdo!

If you ride on the left side of the boat, you can get a great view of Dokdo.


Though be prepared to share it with others.

Seeing Dokdo for the first time.

You may not get the first glimpse of Dokdo on the right side, but you get to say goodbye and see it last.

Goodbye Dokdo!

Ferry rides going to Dokdo are irregular. There’s also a big chance that you might not be able to step on Dokdo if the ferry can’t dock due to highly unpredictable weather. If that’s the case, the boat will just go around the island and head back to Ulleungdo. But even if you don’t get on Dokdo, the experience is still worth it.

East Sea

Tips: Purchase your tickets and pick your seats way in advance. And be prepared for seasickness as the East Sea can get rough.

For more information on ferries in Korea, check out this page by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) or call 1330. And for more details about this trip, please check out this post.