23 Minutes. That’s all we had on Dokdo (독도). Many things can be said about Dokdo but I’ll just stick to what I saw and experienced.

View of Dokdo from the ferry.

Beautiful rocky island surrounded by clear water.

Everyone posing and taking pictures.

Shortcut to the top!

The weather can be as rough as the rock formations.

Although we didn't see them, only two Koreans live on Dokdo.

They sure have plenty of company.

Especially adorable Sapsalgae (삽살개) dogs!

Someone brought a Korea flag which was passed around.

You can see how proud they are of their country.

As we were told to get back on the ferry, we all lingered as long as we can.

One can say that there is nothing there but to Koreans, it is everything.

An island of infinite possiblities.

A territory of Korea.

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